Welcome to Dhevee Greens!

Dhevee Greens Corporation Limited, an integrated health related product solution for our valued customers and consumers, are pleased to introduce ourselves as a competent importer, distributor, manufacturer, and exporter of best-in-class products to serve both domestic and international markets.   Our mission is to stand in a leading position in food and supplement ingredients and to ultimately enhance goodness to our customers and consumers. We run business with integrity, ethics and social responsibility and consider the relationship with all of our business partners as long term strategic partnership.

“Back to Nature" is our theme of business which involves mainly products which are derived from natural, organic, non GMO and cold press processing to fulfill the utmost benefits of our valued customers.  Our products are of high standards under ISO, GMP, HACCP with food safety compliance.  Reliability, one of our key performance indicators, defines our service level in serving our customers to meet a zero complaint target.

As a true reward to our strong position in Thailand, we have been granted sole distributorship in Thailand from many trustworthy key worldwide players in related businesses.  Continuous improvement is our key sustaintable business driver to enhance progress development to next step of excellence in our further position in Thailand.

Look forward to serving you at best.

Management Team.